12: Tom Jones is My Hero (and Could Be Yours Too)

June 5th, 2018 · 8 mins 35 secs

About this Episode

What's new pussycat? Tom Jones' creative career is a reminder of what is possible for us as creatives: longevity, persistence and a desire to serve an audience with our creative gifts for an entire lifetime.

I saw Jones in concert and was BLOWN AWAY. The man still has it.

We need more examples like this! We need to seek out and absorb the lives and stories of those we admire who have stayed in the creative game and devoted their lives to their art. If you don't have any inspirational figures like this, you need to find some! We often lack motivation because we lack vision. Folks who are farther along than we are can provide that inspirational vision. But we must seek them out.

Tom Jones sings Leonard Cohen's Tower of Song

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